Furniture Resurfacing (Re-Looking, Re-Facing) Services

Resurfacing gives your furniture a second life.

Resurfacing (re-looking, re-facing) is a finishing technique that gives new color and a durable finish at a lower cost than stripping. Whether for a dining room table, chairs, kitchen cabinets, a bathroom vanity, wood cabinet or any other wood furniture or accessory, resurfacing will give new life and style to your old wooden pieces. This service is also quite useful if you have furniture made by our artisans and want to hold on to one of your current pieces by giving it the same finish as your new Les Anciens furniture. In addition to a new finish, you can also add sculptures, mouldings or other modifications to your furniture so that it fits your taste and current needs. This is both a responsible and cost-effective alternative.

Here are just a few resurfacing projects

  • Highslide JS AvantSecretary that is fading.
  • Highslide JS AprèsThe secretary got a new finish and now completes the new set of furniture purchased at Les Anciens.
  • Highslide JS BeforeThe client’s cabinet
  • Highslide JS After The cabinet has been resurfaced and stained darker to blend in with the client’s new contemporary decor.
  • Highslide JS BeforeThe cabinet is quite damaged
  • Highslide JS AfterThe cabinet was sanded, some parts were repaired, resurfaced with a black patina finish and new hardware was added to complete this magnificent cabinet’s new style.
  • Highslide JS BeforeA client’s coffee table that was severely scratched.
  • Highslide JS AfterThe top surface was completely sanded; a new handle was added and resurfacing was done on all sides to create a rustic and warm effect.
  • Highslide JS BeforeAn old damaged and outdated armchair.
  • Highslide JS AfterThe structure was solidified; the wood was resurfaced with a dark finish and the chair was recovered with new fabric.
  • Highslide JS BeforeResurfacing and restoration of an old chest of drawers.
  • Highslide JS After This old chest of drawers was aging in a warehouse and required a good resurfacing and finishing job. Once completed it became, once again, the master piece of a guest bedroom.
  • Highslide JS Before
  • Highslide JS After
  • Highslide JS Before
  • Highslide JS After